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SGR0371 Break Him - Viktoria ruins him

DWW legend Hungarian Viktoria is a tall, powerful and experienced grappler and has been destroying the competition since joining the Strong Girls Rule roster. Today she takes on male competition in the form of stocky Russ, however Viktoria makes this SGR regular look tiny in comparison.

He obviously didn’t do his homework before challenging Viktoria who easily takes him down to the mats with a headlock before grapevining him, splitting him wide and then facesitting him.

Russ squeals like a pig as he is at Viktoria’s mercy as she camel clutches, boston crabs. Breast smothers, and facesits him.

She rubs her bare feet into his face before wrapping those strong, long and incredibly powerful legs around him and making him suffer further.

FInally she shoves his head into her pussy with a painful facesit as he flails to escape before she plants a foot on his face as she flexes in victory.

Viktoria wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit with stirrup tights

Russ wears shiny red spandex shorts

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