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SGR0376 Ivy Satinee destroys him and his manhood

Accomplished wrestler Ivy Satinee makes a welcome return to Strong Girls Rule and is in a mood to impress as she takes on the masked Squishy on the SGR mats.

She wastes little time in making her intentions known by immediately grabbing Squishy’s balls and squeezing them with her hand making his eyes and mouth widen in surprise and pain, but Ivy has only just begun.

The beautiful Ivy is on a mission to completely destroy Squishy’s manhood as she squeezes, punches, kicks, knees and twists his balls and dick making him squeal in pain from the punishment.

The most painful mode of punishment is from her butt drops straight down onto his balls with all her weight which causes him immense discomfort.

He tries to protect his manhood but she is having none of it, telling him that only she is allowed to touch it.  The sweat pours off of her body from the exertion of destroying his manhood until she is completely satisfied and leaves him battered and defeated on the mats.

Ivy Satinee wears a shiny red spandex thong bikini

Squishy wears a lucha mask and black lycra shorts.

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