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SGR0384 Lottie LaLay destroys him and his manhood

Strong Girls Rule sweetheart, Lottie LaLay may look like a hot milf next door in her tiny pink bikini but as Squishy Sax is about to find out she has a mean side.  As she stands across from Squishy on the SGR mats he towers above her but that means nothing as she grabs him in a headlock and takes him down.

They stand and circle each other ready to lock up, but Lottie has other ideas as she field goal kicks him in the balls dropping him to his knees, miraculously he stands up only to receive another one.  When he doesn’t drop Lottie becomes incensed and kicks him in the ass and pushes him down to the mat.  She grabs a handful of testicles from behind and he shrieks like a little girl at the pain.

What follows is a masterclass of manhood destruction as Lottie goes to town on Squishy’s sack with knees, punches, kicks, grabs and stomps.

When she finally thinks he has suffered enough she slaps him in the balls and then as he relaxes thinking it’s over she punches him full force in the balls as a coup de grace.

She flexes above him, celebrating her victory by standing on his cock and balls, and then delivering a wicked kick to the prone Squishy’s nutsack followed by another.

Who is obviously regretting seeing Lottie’s mean and merciless side! 

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny pink spandex micro bikini

Squishy Sax wears shiny metallic silver spandex shorts

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