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SGR0389 Eva Ray destroys him and his manhood

Sexy Eva Ray has become a popular Strong Girls Rule regular and whilst she may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth this sexy SGR wrestler has a mean streak.

Unfortunately for her opponent Squishy Sax he’s about to find out, he may tower over Eva Ray but size doesn’t matter as she immediately knees him in the balls dropping his lanky frame to the SGR mats.

From there it is an absolute destruction of Squishy’s manhood as Eva Ray takes obvious and great delight in punishing his manhood.  She knees and kicks him in the balls repeatedly making him shriek in pain as she uses her pedicured feet to inflict as much punishment as she can.

She utlilises her flexibility and uses Squishy’s lanky frame as an exercise frame to get herself into the best position to punish his manhood.

He’s reached his limit and tries pathetically to crawl away but Eva Ray is having none of that she’s not going to let him deny her, her victory pose.  He gets kicked in the nuts and then a grinding knee for his troubles, before she places a foot on his pathetic body and flexes smiling in her obvious superiority.

Eva Ray wears a red shiny metallic red thong bikini

Squish Sax wears silver shiny metallic silver shorts

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