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SGR0368 Break Him - Mistress Amrita destroys him

Legendary Japanese Catfighter, Mistress Amrita is renowned for her appearances on the Strong Girls Rule mats destroying other female wrestlers in her trademark SGR Japanese Catfight matches. Today she is squaring off against a nervous male opponent.

Amrita easily takes him down to the mats in a headlock, trapping him in an armbar, before wrapping her legs around his head in a headscissors and squeezing hard, making him grimace and groan in pain as she squeezes.

She goes back to work on his arm as he flails helplessly. Indeed he has no answer to the experienced Japanese wrestlers vast array of painful holds as she goes to work on him with boston crabs, camel clutches, surfboards, body scissors and other painful holds.

But it is the headscissors which cause him the most pain as she clutches his mask in agony as Amrita squeezes him between her powerful thighs until he can take no more until she stands above him flexing in victory.

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit, shiny tights and red wrestling shoes

The male victim wears shiny spandex silver shorts, silver Lucha mask and black wrestling shoes

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