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SGR0309 Break Him - Amrita ruins him

We are used to seeing Japanese Catfighting Legend, Mistress Amrita destroying other SGR female wrestlers on the mat in the Strong Girls Rule version of Japanese Pro-Style Catfighting.

Amrita’s opponent is of the opposite sex today, and this experienced grappler wastes no time in taking her opponent down to the mat and raining punishment down on his spandex short covered balls with punches and ball grabs.

We knew Amrita was vicious but against a male opponent she takes it to a whole new level literally trying to rip his balls off with her blue manicured nails. She spreads his legs wide and plays his balls like bongos.

She spreads his legs wide and peppers his nutsack with foot slaps making him cry out in pain. The poor masked man cries out in pain at the relentless punishment to his balls and the sadistic Japanese Mistress smiles at the punishment she is inflicting.

Mercifully she grows bored of this pathetic loser and after one final ball grab, ball slaps and a last kick she flexes over his pain wracked form in victory.

Mistress Amrita wears a black shiny spandex thong swimsuit

The victim wears a lucha mask and shiny silver spandex shorts

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