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SGR0275 Ava Simone destroys him and his manhood

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

If you like seeing a man’s balls TOTALLY destroyed by a beautiful, skilled woman then you have come to the right place!

Beautiful buff, busty blonde Ava Simone makes her Strong Girls Rule debut as she faces off against some fresh meat on the SGR Mats.

The American visitor is highly amused at the specimen before her as she pushes him up against the wall and pulls on his shiny spandex gold trunks, but this is only a precursor to the punishment to come.

Ava folds him up and slaps his balls and then pushes him down to the mats and spreads his legs wide, giving her unfettered access to deliver some hard slaps to his already sore testicles. Ava is determined to test his testicular fortitude as she kicks, stomps, knees, slaps and punches his nuts.

She thrusts her feet into his face and bounces up and down on his crotch with her shapely ass. When the male foolishly places a hand on her she blatantly gets the wrong idea she responds angrily and punishes his punished balls further while delivering a stink face up against the wall.

Some final back heel kicks into his cock and balls, and the new boy is done, as a smiling and sweaty Ava has derived her pleasure from his worthless pathetic body.

Ava Simone wears a shiny black spandex bikini and black arm ties.

Fresh Meat wears gold shiny spandex trunks and a lucha mask

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