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SGR0383 Break Her - Medina Williams vs Laken Fire - Tickle Punishment

Lovely Laken can’t seem to get a break at Strong Girls Rule even losing the battle of the jobbers to Ivy Rain.  But things are about to get a whole lot worse because her opponent today is new SGR behemoth Medina Williams. Laken is going to have a very bad day today!

We begin with Laken on the mats in a really good mood, she is in such a good mood in fact that she throws out an open challenge, a decision which she will soon come to regret!

The imposing Medina Williams answers the challenge and the regret is obvious on Laken’s face at the size and power of the new girl.  After some brief introductions they lock up in a fingerlock test of strength and it isn’t long before Laken is on tiptoes trying to relieve the pressure on her fingers, crying out in pain.

Medina grabs Laken in a headlock, and Laken tries to escape by reaching round and squeezing the   bigger girl in a bearhug which achieves no effect, so Medina shows her how to really do a bearhug squeezing Laken and lifting off her feet causing the busty beauty to cry out in pain.

Medina continues to punish Laken with boston crab, full nelson and leg spreads, and after a while rather than causing the veteran any more pain as she is obviously outclassed Medina decides to show her nicer side.

She is still going to punish Laken but instead of pain she is going to humiliate her with tickling,  Medina starts on her side and seeing how Laken reacts and how ticklish she is decides to go further.

She removes Laken’s shoes and socks, and sits on her with her full weight so that Laken can’t escape and tickles her feet.  Laken is completely trapped and unable to resist as she howls with a mixture of pain and pleasure from the tickling.

Finally she can take no more and can do little to resist as Medina tells her she is taking her home with her tonight.

Laken wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit, and Adidas wrestling shoes

Medina Williams wears a white lycra swimsuit, white kneepads and black wrestling boots

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