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SGR0386 Booty War - Stinkface and Facesitting - Lila vs Laken Fire

Strong Girls Rule fan favorite Laken Fire is stood opposite SGR new wrestler Lila on the mats.  The two beautiful brawlers compare bodies with particularly attention paid to their sexy booties.

Both women are determined that they have the best booty so decide to settle things with a Booty War. They lock up and Laken takes Lila down to the mats and gives her a close up and personal view so she can judge the perfection of Laken’s booty up close and personal.

After a prolonged face-sitting from Laken, Lila manages to escape and returns the favour with a face sit of her own, before placing Laken against the wall and delivering a stinkface.

This sets the tone for the rest of their encounter as the two wrestlers punish each other more facesitting and stinkfaces until finally one woman is subjected to a prolonged reverse facesit and concedes the match.

But whose booty will reign supreme, Laken or Lila?

Laken Fire wears a shiny spandex black swimsuit with shiny tights

Lila wears a shiny spandex pink bikini

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