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SGR0387 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Medina Williams destroys Sheela 'Tiny Titaness'

This a Strong Girls Rule mismatch of epic proportions as feisty Sheela challenges the new SGR powerhouse, Medina Williams.

Sheela is brave but once again her confidence will prove to be her undoing as Medina completely dwarfs her and there is no doubt to the outcome of this Lifted Slammed Squashed match.

They lock up in a test of strength which Medina easily wins and she goes to work completely destroying Sheela with lifts, splashes, bearhugs, camel clutches and more agonizing holds.

For the first time in her career Sheela is scared by this destructive new wrestler and backs away from her, but Medina isn’t finished yet as she continues to pour on the punishment.

After she has subjected Sheela to a facesit, Medina hoists Sheela across her shoulders in a rack before dumping her down to the mats, and making Sheela worship the ass that has beaten her.

Medina Williams wears a white lycra swimsuit and white kneepads

Sheela wears a red shiny spandex micro bikini

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