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SGR0381 Break Her - Lila Dominates Laken Fire

Laken Fire is one of the most popular wrestlers at Strong Girls Rule and it’s easy to see why as she stretches out on the SGR mats in a sexy cheerleader outfit.  While she exercises she is greeted by the latest recruit to the roster in the form of petite pro wrestler, Lila.

They agree to have a match and both are so confident that they agree that the loser loses their costume.

They go to lock up and Lila fakes it and traps Laken into a tight headlock before rolling her over and nearly breaking her back in a Boston crab which has the brunette beauty tapping out in agony.  The first submission is to the new girl and Laken removes her Cheerleader top revealing a micro bikini spandex bra.

Suddenly Laken realizes she may have underestimated this new girl as she is subjected to cross faces, single leg bostons, hammerlocks and other painful moves.

She tries to resist but soon she loses her Cheerleader skirt revealing the tiniest spandex micro bikini thong.

The Liverpudlian Lila continues to punish Laken who is determined not to submit anymore as she daren’t risk losing another item of clothing and revealing her sexy body further.

But will she be able to resist a boston crab and a deep seated arm bar or will she lose her costume at the hands of the pink haired new girl?

Laken Fire wears a Cheerleader Outfit before she is stripped down to purple shiny spandex micro bikini

Lila wears a pink shiny spandex micro bikini

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