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SGR0378 Break Her - Medina Williams crushes Eva Ray

An auspicious debut as we present one of the biggest size mismatches in Strong Girls Rule history as petite Latvian spitfire Eva Ray faces the debuting BBW Medina Williams.

Medina finds the size difference amusing as Eva Ray tries to push the newcomer on the SGR mats hardly moving her at all.

Medina effortlessly hoists Eva Ray off her feet in a prolonged bearhug lifting Eva Ray off the ground and swinging her like a rag doll.

This was always going to be a one sided contest as Eva Ray has no chance against the behemoth Medina who applies headscissors, bodyscissors, camel clutches, boston crabs and more bearhugs to punish poor Eva Ray.

Eva Ray can offer no resistance against the powerful, strong and large Medina.  A final boston crab spells the end for Eva Ray who has become what we expect is the first of many to fall victim to the powerful Medina.

Eva Ray wears a shiny purple spandex thong bikini

Medina Williams wears a pink lycra strappy swimsuit

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