Traitors! Scorpion gets tag teamed by Killpussy & Pussy Willow

Scorpion meets up with Pussy Willow to discuss an alliance, but Pussy Willow already been turned against Scorpion by evil Killpussy!! So the girls gang up and tag team Scorpion!!!

They subject her to a mean display of lift and carry, pro-wrestling holds and dirty tactics! They spin Scorpion round so many times she is so dizzy that she can barely stand up with Fireman’s carry and airplane spins. They subject her to camel clutch, grapevine, surf board, chokes, lots of low blows and even a pussy bite.

Killpussy and PussyWillow finish Scorpion off with a crotch splitting double lift before victory posing over her.

Scorpion wears white spandex leotard with pink trim, white knee pads and shiny tan pantyhose / tights with bare feet

Killpussy wears black spandex thong leotard over gold ultra shiny footless leggings with bare feet

PussyWillow wear gold ultra shiny leotard over black ultra shiny footless leggings with bare feet

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