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SGRXMAS2019 Dirty Tactics Extravaganza

As a thank you for your continued customer we have prepared a special festive treat.  We’ve made this special compilation clip from some of our best Dirty Tactics matches at a specially reduced price.  So sit back and enjoy with plenty more to come from SGR in 2020.


SGR0190 Belly and Crotch Destruction - Krusha punishes Laken 

The mighty Krusha certainly lives up to her name today as she crushes poor dancer, Laken.  Not satisfied in overpowering and hurting her, Krusha literally wants to dominate and destroy her.


And the powerful Krusha has two specific targets in mind as she tenderises Laken’s impressive abs and mangles her delicate crotch.


As punches, claws, headbutts and stomps rain down onto her nether regions, we can only imagine that Laken is regretting wearing a skimpy tanga thong which provides Krusha with unhindered access.


There is little Laken can do but writhe, arch and cry out in agony as the punishment continues, we know Laken is a game competitor but she certainly picked the wrong opponent in the maniacal Krusha who laughs as she inflicts pain.


It only ends when Krusha gets bored of punishing Laken, leaving her on the mats a broken woman.


Krusha wears a black shiny lycra swimsuit with high shine pantyhose 40 denier sheer to waist

Laken wears a shiny pink spandex tanga micro thong bikini


SGR0175 Dirty Tactics - Jade vs McKenzie 

There are rumours whispered in the wrestling scene of Jade’s alter-ego Evil Jade, one look in Jade’s eyes should have told blonde Barbie girl McKenzie at the start of this Dirty Tactics match-up which version of Jade she was going to face.


One almost feels sorry for pretty McKenzie for the fate which awaits her.  Poor blonde McKenzie gets absolutely dominated by an imperious Jade who has her way with the less experienced IMA girl.


From the off McKenzie is subjected to a lesson in wrestling torture as Jade has her way with her.  Sleeperholds, camel clutches, scissors and facesitting are just a fraction of the holds used to dominate McKenzie.


You have to think that the spunky blonde was wishing she stayed in bed, there is hardly any need for the wicked deep gut punches Jade inflicts upon her, or the unnecessary embarrassment of the flexing victory pose.


McKenzie may look the part in her pro-style gear but must have been sore after this one-sided squash and trouncing.


Jade wears a black lycra thong swimsuit with white pantyhose and black pro kneepads

McKenzie wears a pink spandex thong swimsuit with shiny pantyhose and white pro kneepads


SGR0213 Dirty Tactics - Lana Luxor destroys Scorpion

Scorpion is the mistress of the Dirty Tactics rules match-up, being the dirtiest player in the game she normally catches her opponent off guard at the start and subjects them to all her illegal moves.


Unfortunately for the British redhead, American Lana Luxor has her well scouted, as poor Scorpion quickly finds out to her regret.


Lana punches Scorpion in her belly and throws her to the mat, takes top position and in a move straight out of Scorpion’s playbook, rakes her eyes.


The American takes a handful of Scorpion’s red locks and whips her into the wall of the apartment.


The wind knocked out of her sails there is little Scorpion can do to stop Lana Luxor punishing her further including biting her pantyhose clad foot, pulling her hair and choking the Brit out with her foot.


Scorpion finally gets to see and feel what it feels like to be on the receiving end of dirty tactics, as her breasts, crotch, eyes, hair and feet are raked, clawed and yanked.


Pro moves are used to punish Scorpion as well including surfboards and a camel clutch with a good handful of red hair for good measure, before a prolonged suspended romero hold has her screaming out her final position.


Not content, Lana humiliates Scorpion further by making her worship her pantyhose clad foot for good measure, her punishment for challenging the dominant American.


Scorpion wears a red shiny spandex micro tanga bikini and tan pantyhose

Lana Luxor wears an emerald shiny bikini and black pantyhose


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SGRXMAS2019 Dirty Tactics Extravaganza

SGRXMAS2019 Dirty Tactics Extravaganza

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