SGRGLOW - Battle for the crown

You’ve seen the GLOW Netflix series and now relive one of the greatest feuds from the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling as Americana (Scorpion) and Colonel Ninotchka (Killpussy) battle for the GLOW Crown.


The patriotic and current GLOW Champion, Americana faces off against her toughest challenge from Aunt Kitty’s Bad Girls as she takes on the powerful Russian Colonel Ninotchka.


Ninotchka has cut a swathe through Mama Stallone’s Good Girls decisively defeating and humiliating them, now only Americana stands in her way of complete domination and of course the biggest prize, the GLOW Crown.


Americana uses her full arsenal of monkey flips and sunset flips but will it be enough against the evil Russian’s reverse inverted bearhug rack and folding matchbook pin, and liberal use of the Russian Flag.


It’s a battle of good vs evil which dominated the first season of the original GLOW, and Scorpion and Killpussy have done their research in this SGR homage to the original divas revolution and the first mainstream TV show featuring only women’s wrestling, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.


They watched the original matches, and even had costumes specially commissioned for this special project, so sitback and enjoy or as David McLane used to say “You don’t want to miss this fans!”

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