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SGR0257 2for1 - Laken's Hottest Clips - vs Amrita and Dez Desire

One thing is for certain in this world, and that is that everyone love’s Laken.  Whether it’s her smile, her bodacious body, her flexibility or that she is genuinely one of the nicest people you could ever meet, she is a perennial favourite wrestler for us to work with and with you the fans.


To celebrate all thing’s Laken for one week only we are offering this 2 for 1 special featuring two of her hottest encounters here at SGR versus Mistress Amrita and Dez Desire.


SGR0240 Dez Desire destroys Laken

Beautiful Laken displays her dancer form as she stretches out on the SGR mats, ahead of her match with the debuting American Dez Desire.


Laken is confident that she can take on this American newcomer even though she is taller than Laken and certainly strikes an imposing sight as she steps onto the mats already kitted out in gorgeous shiny wrestling attire and boots whilst our British Brunette is still in her street clothes and bare feet.


What Laken doesn’t know is that Dez is an experienced Pro Wrestler with a mean streak a mile long, and today she is going to take out her frustrations on her.


Dez wastes no time and doubles Laken up with a knee to her midsection which has her doubled up in pain, a clubbing forearm blow and Laken is down to the mats and already in a world of trouble.


What follows is probably the worst beatdown of Laken’s career and her famed dancer flexibility is tested to its limits and beyond as she is twisted like a pretzel into holds which damage her back and legs.


Texas Cloverleafs, Stump Pullers, Boston Crabs, bearhugs and Torture Racks are all used to contort Laken’s perfect body into agonising positions.


Dez Desire is like the Dean Malenko of SGR Wrestling, Mistress of a Thousand Holds and she demonstrates on poor Laken holds we have never seen before with devastating effect.


One thing is for sure this is a potentially career destroying defect for Laken who is absolutely decimated at the hands of this American submission wizard.


Laken initially wears a white blouse and black skirt with glasses before stripping down to a shiny spandex tanga micro thong purple bikini


Dez Desire wears a black shiny spandex long sleeved leotard with shiny pantyhose and pro wrestling boots.


SGR0214 Japanese Pro-Style Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Laken Fire

Japanese catfighting legend, Mistress Amrita has been schooling British girls in her own unique brand of match.  So far she has destroyed and humbled Axa Jay (SGR0196) and Ms F.Rank (SGR0205) spreading their legs wide and taking their outfits as a forfeit.


The latest brave challenger is the voluptuous fan-favourite Laken Fire, who is putting her pride and outfit on the line to take on the merciless Amrita.


Dancer, Laken Fire is bigger and more flexible than Amrita’s previous victims so how will she fare against the Japanese Mistress.


They lock up and Amrita forces Laken to her knees scissors her head and pulls her neck back.  It’s not long before Laken Fire’s famed flexibility is put to the test as Amrita locks her in her trademark feared and humiliating Octopus Hold, locking the brunette Brit up, spreading her legs wide and slapping her inner thighs teasing her.  Laken’s maybe regretting her choice of costume as it barely covers her dignity as Amrita splays her out, spreading her wide.


Laken has no defence against Amrita’s technical Japanese holds all designed to humiliate and hurt her victim.  The proud Brit is powerless to stop her legs being spread time and time again, or to stop the relentless back punishment as Amrita puts her in various locks and holds including boston crab, over the knee backbreakers, figure four leg-lock and of course the dreaded Octopus Hold.


Laken ends up like all the other brave competitors who have challenged Mistress Amrita, having to relinquish her outfit and allowing Amrita to add yet another to her growing collection.


Laken wears a figure hugging, high cut gold shiny spandex swimsuit with arm ties, white pro kneedpads and black wrestling boots


Mistress Amrita wears a high cut black shiny spandex swimsuit with black wrestling boots.


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SGR0257 - 2for1 - Laken's Hottest Clips - vs Amrita and Dez Desire_1

SGR0257 - 2for1 - Laken's Hottest Clips - vs Amrita and Dez Desire_1

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