SGR0256 Rage vs Scorpion - Competitive Match with punishment for the loser

Rage Shieldmaiden from the Balkans has exploded on the wrestling and has quickly become a firm fan favourite with her combination of power, sensuality, beauty and skill.  She is also cocky enough to challenge, redheaded Brit, Scorpion to a competitive wrestling match with punishment for the loser.


Scorpion is determined that she is going to put this young upstart in her place and what better place to do it then in shiny spandex on the SGR mats.


This is a highly technical top level submission match featuring two extremely talented wrestlers.  There’s no pro wrestling holds here, but what there is a headscissors, armbars, and grappling.


Both Rage and Scorpion are proud women who want to win at all costs and prove their superiority.  Scorpion is marginally heavier, taller and has more experience, but Rage has the hunger of youth.


Unfortunately for her Scorpion is great on gaining top position and controlling her opponents and waiting patiently for her opportunity to lock in the submission.  Rage isn’t going to make it easy for her though and is certainly no slouch in the skillset department.


As the sweat pours from them with the exertion, once woman starts to edge in front with powerful thick thighed headscissors and deep arm locks which has her opponent slapping the submissions quick.


For the winner there is jubilation and for the loser there is reluctant (very reluctant) punishment of the victor sitting on her face humiliating her for being the loser.


Scorpion wears a red shiny spandex thong swimsuit

Rage wears a black shiny spandex thong swimsuit


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