SGR0254 USA vs UK - Dee Williams vs Scorpion

It’s another classic USA vs UK battle between redheaded Brit, Scorpion taking on buxom blonde American Dee Williams on her own soil.


The two women begin by comparing flexibility and Dee definitely has the edge as she is able to bend her legs behind her neck.  Scorpion is distinctly unimpressed as the two women lock up, each pledging to spread the other wide.


Both women take their share of crotch related punishment as they each contort their opponent in camel clutches, boston crabs, leg spreads and grapevines.  But it’s the ring ropes which become decisive here as they are used to spread delicate crotches and thighs wider than either woman wants them to go as their cries of anguish, humiliation and pain echo around the American ring.


National pride is at stake at this one, the British wrestlers have not been faring too well against competition from across the pond, but Dee is wrestling on home soil.


Eventually one woman is caught in the corner her legs spread wide whilst she is forced to endure a stink face reverse headscissors, it’s not only her own ego but national pride she surrenders as she has to concede the entire match.


Scorpion wears a long sleeved blue shiny spandex leotard and shiny tights

Dee Williams wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit and shiny tights


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