SGR0252 2for1 USA vs UK - Megan Jones vs Axa Jay & Goddess Anat vs Blaze

Here at SGR we love it when American’s challenge our British wrestlers, in fact we love it so much that we’ve created this special 2 for 1 in the month of American independence.


Feast your eyes on these mouth watering clashes highlighting Megan Jones and Goddess Anat as they take on Britain’s very own Axa and Blaze.


SGR0228 USA vs UK - Megan Jones vs Axa Jay

We were incredibly excited to set up this transatlantic battle as American, Megan Jones takes on British Bombshell, Axa Jay.  This time the stakes are even higher as both women are fighting for national pride as their flags are put up on the wall with the losers at stake.


Both women are confident as they lock up in a test of strength. The buxom Megan is surprised by Axa’s deceptive strength and is forced to her knees, hammerlocked before being dragged up into a painful full nelson which as the American crying out in pain.


These two warriors stretch each other to the limit with back breaking boston crabs, crotch tearing grapevines and rib crushing bearhugs.


Eventually one wrestler begins to take control as her opponent cannot keep up under the relentless assault, as she is caught in a full nelson and reverse grapevine which stretches her beyond her breaking point and she has to concede not only the match but her national pride as her flag is taken down and stamped into the mat.


She grabs it, defeated and sobbing as the realisation hits that she has failed not only in this match but also defending her nation’s honour as her opponent smiles.


Axa Jay wears a white and blue shiny spandex leotard, blue kneepads, shiny tights and red, white and blue wrestling shoes


Megan Jones wears a shiny red spandex leotard, nude shiny pantyhose, red kneepads and white pro boots.


SGR0199 USA vs UK Goddess Anat demolishes Blaze 

Lithe dancer Blaze (5’5” 62kg) hasn’t fared too well against American competition after getting destroyed by Queen Beth in SGR0188.  She’s hoping to regain transatlantic honor as she steps onto the mat to take on Goddess Anat (5’4” 70kg).


It’s a battle of contrasting body shapes as the muscular buxom Goddess Anat is confident on inflicting another loss on the lean cat-like Blaze.


And inflict another loss she does, Goddess Anat steamrolls over Blaze submitting and pinning her for 10 counts at will.  Poor Blaze’s flexibility is truly set to the test as she is contorted and spread, her body must have been aching for days after having to endure the rib breaking bearhugs of Goddess Anat’s muscular arms.


She is camel clutched, surfboards and leg spreaded, and all Blaze can do is wail in agony at the punishment she is forced to endure at the hands of the beautiful blonde American.


To add insult to injury Goddess Anat lifts her over her shoulders and parades her round the mats like she weighs nothing more than a feather, and the final humiliation comes when Goddess Anat stands on her defeated body flexes those biceps which only moments earlier were ravaging Blaze’s poor body.


Goddess Anat wears a turquoise shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup pantyhose

Blaze wears a purple shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup pantyhose hose and purple leg warmers


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