SGR0250 Scissor War - Storm vs Blaze

Two SGR regulars meet on our mats to determine who has the strongest scissors - blonde battler Storm versus the lithe raven haired dancer, Blaze.


Both wrestlers have powerful legs and know how to use them to inflict maximum punishment on anyone foolish enough to get trapped in between their thighs.


This one turns into scissor carnage and is literally a war of scissorholds to see who can do the most damage with headscissors, bodyscissors, standing scissors, double scissors, even thigh scissors.


Neither wrestler holds back and every time one gets trapped between the other’s deadly legs you can hear their cries and see their pain wracked expressions as the scissorholds and submissions start to stack up.  


What begins as a fairly even contest begins to swing in one scissor queen’s favour as she is able to stack up multiple scissors and submission sapping the energy and will from her victim.  A liberal use of hairpulling to help position her opponent’s head helps one of these wrestlers get their hand raised in victory as they pose above a vanquished and humbled rival.


But does Storm extinguish Blaze or does the blackhaired dancer destroy the blonde battler?


Blaze wears a micro black shiny spandex bikini with black shiny spandex arm and ankle ties

Storm wears a micro red shiny spandex bikini with red shiny spandex arm and ankle ties


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