SGR0249 Stretched Out - Rage ShieldMaiden vs Laken Fire

The delectable Laken is never one to back down from a challenge, but today she faces the talented Rage.  This is the first time they have ever met on the has this never happened before??!


Both grapplers are decked out in figure hugging shiny spandex which accentuates every curve of their exquisite forms.


Laken is confident that she is first as she is wearing gold and that Rage is second as she is wearing silver.  This is an assertion which Rage fundamentally disagrees with and she shows it to Laken on the SGR mats.


They lock up and take it down to the mats, and it is immediately obvious that each woman’s famed flexibility is going to be put to the test.  Laken, like so many others have before finds herself beneath the split leg pubis choke which has become somewhat of a Rage trademark.


Not to be outdone Laken gives Rage a taste of her own medicine as the battle continues by delivering one of her own.


Each lady seems determined to stretch the others body beyond breaking point by spreading their opponents legs wide using their arms and legs, scissorholds, chokes, full nelsons and other holds are thrown into the mix, but the focus here is inflicting pain by spreading their opponent wide.  This inflicts cries of pain, anguish and humiliation as the tight thong of their outfits punishes their most intimate of areas.


Finally one proud warrior sits on her opponent’s face in a reverse facesit before posing over her fallen, sore and frustrated foe.


Laken wears a gold shiny spandex thong swimsuit with shiny tights

Rage wears a silver shiny spandex thong swimsuit with shiny tights


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