SGR0247 Snap her in Two - Killpussy breaks Ivy Rain

There is nothing Killpussy likes more than fresh meat, it gives the Thunder from Down Under supreme pleasure to decimate and destroy new wrestlers.


Today’s victim is rookie Ivy Rain who gives up height, weight and experience to the blonde New Zealander, and from the off she is woman-handled by the Amazonian, Killpussy and picked up and taken to the mats.


Killpussy has heard of the brunette’s famed flexibility and is determined to put it to the test and she puts Ms Rain into one of the deepest Boston Crabs we have ever seen at SGR nearly snapping her back in two.


The Amazon is going to show this young upstart the error of her ways by seeing how flexible she really is with more Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches, and Surfboards.


Time and again Ivy’s body is pushed to it’s limit as Killpussy contorts, stretches and punishes it to her limits and beyond.


All Ivy can do is cry out in agony at the punishment she is being forced to endure until mercifully after one final deep, deep Boston Crab, Killpussy leaves her broken on the mats as she flexes above her.


Killpussy wears a black shiny spandex high neck leotard, shiny pantyhose and black shiny boots

Ivy Rain wears a shiny blue high neck leotard, shiny pantyhose and wrestling shoes.


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