SGR0245 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Chloe Davies crushes Blaze

The Glamazon, Chloe Davis is not only the biggest but is also the baddest wrestler at Strong Girls Rule.  She decimates and destroys whoever is brave (or should that be stupid) enough to step onto the mats to face her.


Today her challenger is the lithe dancer, Blaze who is hoping that she can do what Ms Frank, Scorpion, Laken and Gia the Giant couldn’t and beat Chloe Davis.


One almost feels sorry for Blaze as this is not a wrestling match this is a rout, as Chloe lifts her, slams, squashes and generally woman handles the brunette with abandon.


Poor Blaze is bearhugged, subjected to backbreakers, and squashed beneath Chloe’s amazon form.  Each time she is dragged back to her feet by her hair so that her punishment can continue delivered by a merciless Glamazon.


Blaze’s screams of pain echo around the mats, as she takes the worst beating her long career. Her legs and those famed calves are wobbly as Chloe scoops her up for one last thunderous powerslam and then delivers an Earthquake splash, sits on a spent Blaze.  Chloe makes the count but she could have counted to one hundred, Blaze clearly was not going to get up from the drubbing she had just received.


Blaze wears a shiny spandex electric blue swimsuit with shiny pantyhose, blue knee pads and wrestling shoes

Chloe Davis wears a long sleeved black leotard, shiny nude pantyhose, white knee pads and white pro boots


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