SGR0243 Wedgied and Spanked - Inferno vs Laken

Inferno and Laken are two very experienced competitors and ready to face off against each other.  A smiling Inferno asks the brunette Laken, “Are you ready?” to which Laken replies “Very ready”.


But what Laken was not expecting was a punt kick inbetween her legs which makes her eyes go wide with surprise and pain.


Inferno immediately takes advantage of this and pulls Laken’s knickers into a wedgie turning them into cheese string and exposing Laken’s beautiful bum, and then whilst she is getting over the indignity of this begins to slap her exposed ass cheeks.


Once the devious redhead has grown tired of delivering stinging slaps to Laken’s perfect derriere, she sits on her face and pulls her knickers up in a deep wedgie causing Laken to cry out in pain, much to Inferno’s delight and pleasure.


What Inferno does not know is that she is rousing a vengeful retribution as Laken throws her off and returns the favour pulling Inferno’s knickers up in between her alabaster bum cheeks until they resemble a sumo wrestler’s belt.


It’s then the brunette’s turn to deliver stinging slaps to exposed ass cheek, she then puts Inferno over her knee like a naughty offspring and slaps her some more before delivering the final humiliation forcing Inferno’s nose deep into her ass with not one, but two stinkfaces’s and making her kiss her ass.


Perhaps next time Inferno will think twice before angering Laken!!


Laken wears sky blue bra and panties

Inferno wears scarlet and black bra and panties


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