SGR0242 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Storm demolishes Ms F.Rank

Ms F.Rank is a fearless wrestler she knows that is frequently going to be the smaller lady in a match-up but that doesn’t stop her from stepping up to the challenge even though she is frequently Lifted, Slammed and Squashed.


Standing across from Storm, she must have thought she was in with a chance, unfortunately Storm is a skilled and talented wrestler with a strength that belies her stunning beauty and frame as Ms F.Rank finds out in this match.


From the off Storm is able to pick up the smaller girl and throw her to the mat and deliver three body splashes and get an extremely quick pin.  Some wrestlers would take it easy on their seriously outmuscled and outclassed opponent but not Storm.


She lifts Ms F.Rank up in bearhugs, racks and fireman carries only to slam her down to the mat repeatedly and increase the pain and embarrassment by contorting Ms F.Rank in matchbook pins, splits, spreads, camel clutches, bow and arrow holds, boston crabs and much much more.


Storm makes the smaller blonde cry out in pain as she takes great delight in schooling the less experienced Ms F.Rank.


A final torture rack and pin ends the punishment and a smiling Storm flexes and smiles above a broken Ms F.Rank.


Storm wears a long sleeved shiny spandex leotard, shiny pantyhose, white kneepads and white pro boots

Ms F.Rank wears a long sleeved tie-dye shiny pink spandex leotard, shiny pantyhose and white wrestling boots.


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