SGR0239 Choke Out Battle - Axa Jay vs Scorpion

What’s better than Scorpion and Storm (formerly known as Axa Jay) wrestling?  How about this blonde and redhead British battlers fighting it out in micro tanga spandex bikinis or how about them trying to choke the other out using any means necessary?


This match-up is a real treat as you get to see these two beautiful ladies battle it out.  These two are very experienced and use every means in their playbook to obtain the submission by knockout from their rival.


It’s Scorpion who strikes first trapping Storm in a deep Dragon Sleeper, but that’s just the beginning as scissorholds, sleeperholds, headscissors, modified camel clutch even choking with her opponents hair are used to score submissions.


Neither proud warrior wants to lose, but eventually one is trapped in a combined body scissor and rear naked choke from which she is unable to escape and she capitulates by default as she is out.  Her rival thinks about untying her tiny bikini bottoms but decides to flex above her prone form instead.


Scorpion wears a black micro spandex tanga bikini with black arm ties

Storm wears a purple micro spandex tanga bikini with purple arm ties


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