SGR0238 Scissor Domination - Rage ShieldMaiden destroys him

Sexy young Serbian, Rage ShieldMaiden with her hair in pig tails is incredibly deceiving, she stands across from British lad Russ, and he must have thought he was in a for an easy day.


He’s obviously not heard of Rage by reputation otherwise he may have realised the magnitude of the destruction which was about to be rained down upon him by the young Eastern European’s powerful legs.


He doesn’t stand a chance as he is scissored, facesat, smothered and choked to within an inch of his life.  Time and again, Rage wraps those powerful legs around him and squeezes his very life essence from his battered body.


He is completely powerless against the relentless onslaught as Rage completely schools him in how to be destroyed by scissorhold after scissorhold.


The pain does not stop as he lays out on the mats as she pubis chokes him and poses before standing and bouncing on him and flexing.


Another victim to the ShieldMaiden like a lamb the the slaughter.


***Post-match Russ said that was in his Top Two hardest matches ever!! He curled up backstage in the foetal position...poor old Russ***


Rage ShieldMaiden wears a shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny nude strirrup pantyhose

Russ wears black shiny spandex shorts


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