SGR0237 Snap her in two - Tomiko vs Scorpion

Two wiley veterans from either side of the Atlantic square off as rivals Scorpion and Tomiko meet up in the ring.


Raven haired, tanned and athletic Tomiko may be smaller than redheaded, muscled and pale Scorpion, but she holds her own at first in a prolonged finger locked test of strength.  Eventually the Brit is able to take control and full advantage forcing Tomiko to her knees and applying a hammerlock, followed by a camel clutch and leg spread.


Scorpion’s wicked side comes out and she grabs Tomiko’s costume and pulls it tight in between those pert ass cheeks and then up into her pussy causing Tomiko to howl in pain.


This starts a domino effect where the two grapplers take every opportunity to wedgie their opponent causing pain and embarrassment to their most intimate of areas.  They pull hair, stretch and spread their rival, keen to pick up the victory.


Eventually one of these MILF’s traps the other in a prolonged boston crab, with her costume riding up high and the camera gives you the perfect view heightening her embarrassment.


The victor is delighted to have caused her rival such discomfort and embarrassment, and we are confident that these two will meet on the mats or in the ring again.


Scorpion wears a long sleeved shiny black spandex leotard with shiny tights and white pro boots

Tomiko wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit with shiny tights and red pro boots


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