SGR0236 Blaze breaks him

Lithe dancer Blaze steps onto the SGR mats to take on the pocket rocket, tattooed Wilfred.  This match starts frantically as initially Blaze struggles to handle this feisty little guy, even a camel clutch doesn’t slow him down.


A prolonged headscissor from those amazing muscled thighs and enormous calves saps the fight from him a bit, which raven haired Blaze is quick to capitalise on.


Once Wilfred loses some his speed he becomes a lot more manageable by his female foe as she begins to dismantle him with rear naked chokes, arm bars, triangle chokes, boston crabs, scissors amongst the array of moves used to punish this little upstart.


All poor Wilfred can do is cry out in pain and frustration as Blaze dismembers him piece by piece   Not content with stretching him out she places him against the wall and delivers some well aimed kicks before a prolonged leg split pubis choke spells the end of Wilfred’s spirited but fruitless defence


Blaze wears a red and white shiny spandex swimsuit with red kneepads

Wilfred wears shiny latex sky blue shorts


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