SGR0235 Dirty Tactics - Scorpion welcomes Ivy Rain to SGR

There is nothing that Scorpion likes more than welcoming fresh rookie talent onto the SGR mats, it’s a bit like throwing them into a meat grinder to see if they have what it takes to join the SGR roster.


Today she gets to welcome sexy, busty and posh Ivy Rain, who in her pre-match interview is really excited because she’s heard Scorpion is lovely and because she likes her shiny new outfit she gets to wear.  Something tells us this rookie really has not done her homework.


The match begins pleasantly enough with both women greeting each other and complimenting each other’s outfits,  They lock-up and Scorpion comments on how strong Ivy is, before she takes her back in a strait-jacket hold, and tells her that for all new girls there has to be initiation…. A Dirty Tactics Match as Scorpion grabs Ms Rain’s crotch causing her to cry out in pain.


This match proves that Scorpion is Mistress of the Claw hold as Ivy’s big breasts, soft stomach and crotch are subjected to repeated claw holds, this is interspersed with sleeperholds, bow and arrow stretches and fish hook camel clutches.


Ivy Rain is out of her element as she is ill-prepared as her training session turns into a torment of her most sensitive parts and all this rookie can do is squirm and cry out in pain, while Scorpion takes great delight in putting this posh little new girl through her paces.


Scorpion wears a light blue shiny spandex bikini

Ivy Rain wears a purple shiny spandex bikini


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