SGR0233 Leg Destruction - Chloe Davies ruins Scorpion

There are very few women on the SGR roster who can match the Glamazon, Chloe Davis in the power department, but SGR original, Scorpion might just be one of them.  Furthermore, not only is Scorpion buff from the gym, but she is also a skilled practitioner of BJJ, so the Glamazon might have her hands full this time.


From the initial lock up test of strength, Chloe Davis forces Scorpion to her knees, but the redhead powers back to a standing position.  Just when it looks like Scorpion might be able to force Chloe down, she stamps on her rivals foot.


In the annals of wrestling, the Giant was always taken down by having their legs targeted, Chloe Davis is determined that she will get revenge for all those times it has happened and instead targets Scorpion’s muscled legs.


The Glamazon subjects her to prolonged leg punishment with stomps, spreads, boston crabs, half crabs and prolonged figure four leg locks which have Scorpion howling in pain and rage.


But Chloe Davis is unrelenting in her assault on Scorpion’s hamstrings, thighs, feet and calves as she unleashes hell upon them, which has Scorpion begging for mercy as her lower limbs are absolutely decimated by the true giant of SGR Wrestling, Chloe Davis!!


Scorpion wears a gold shiny spandex swimsuit with stirrup shiny pantyhose

Chloe Davis wears a black lycra swimsuit with gold shiny spandex leggings


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