SGR0232 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Killpussy crushes Ms F.Rank

There is nothing Killpussy likes then dominating and schooling a little girl on the SGR mats.  Today standing across the mats from the Thunder from Down Under is fearless blonde, Ms F.Rank who has built up a reputation as not backing down from any challenge.


Killpussy compares muscles and size with Ms F.Rank before unceremoniously picking her up over her shoulders dumping her to the mats and box pinning her testing her flexibility.


Her trademark laugh echoes around the studio as she has her fun with the smaller girl.  She lifts her, racks her, splashes and squashes her all the time taking great enjoyment in doing so.  Ms F.Rank wears a look of determination and fear as she realises that there is little she can do against the powerhouse from New Zealand.


Strong powerful arms bearhug Ms F.Rank and strong shoulders nearly break her as she is torture racked by the larger amazon.


A final powerbomb followed by bodysplashes finishes a hyper-ventilating Ms F.Rank off as Killpussy flexes above her.


Killpussy wears a shiny black snake skin swimsuit with shiny pantyhose with black wrestling boots

Ms F.Rank wears a gold shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny pantyhose and white wrestling boots


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