SGR0231 Dirty Tactics - Blaze vs Scorpion

Lithe dancer Blaze, is not happy with her lot at SGR-Wrestling, she is experienced, she is powerful and she has a loyal army of fans supporting her, but despite all of this her win-loss record has seen her consigned firmly to jobber status.


She’s been down the gym working out building her strength and today she is going to prove to Scorpion exactly how much stronger she has become.


The redheaded Scorpion is not impressed, and shows Blaze this by flexing her own impressive guns, Blaze is undeterred by Scorpion asks Blaze to tell her how its feels once she has those powerful biceps wrapped around her neck.


Scorpion catches her off guard slapping Blaze’s pussy and that showing the dancer how powerful she is by wrapping her arms around her in a bearhug lifting her off of her feet.


Scorpion thinks she’s going to have fun dominating Blaze, but the lithe dancer has other ideas and brings her powerful legs into play, scissoring Scorpion’s head and squeezing for all her might.

Blaze is more powerful there is no doubt, but each time she makes headway, Scorpion once again proves while she is the dirtiest player in the game and reaches into her dirty tactics playbook pulling Blaze’s hair, pulling her pantyhose, clawing her eyes and crotch.  Blaze tries to fight fire with fire, which probably proves her undoing because although she has Scorpion in trouble a couple of times, she can’t compete in the Dirty tactics style, and frustrated Blaze falls victim to Scorpion.


Scorpion wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit with shiny spandex armties and shiny stirrup pantyhose with red kneepads


Blaze wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit with shiny spandex armties and shiny stirrup pantyhose with blue kneepads


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