SGR0229 Snap her in two - Chloe Davies destroys Ms F.Rank

Ms F.Rank is undoubtedly fearless, she isn’t afraid to step onto the SGR mats to face anyone, but even the most casual observer must question if she has lost her mind as she stands across from the Glamazon, Chloe Davis, especially after the butt kicking she endured from her in SGR0211.


Chloe is not only undefeated at SGR, but is also a legitimate giantess bad ass who takes delight in destroying her competition.


The size difference is apparent from the initial staredown, The Glamazon dwarfs the diminitutive, spunky blonde.  There is only one way this match-up is going to end, that is never in doubt instead how long will Ms F.Rank’s hospital stay be?


Unfortunately for the blonde, Chloe is in a particularly sadistic mood as she subjects Ms F.Rank to over the knee backbreakers, torture racks, suspended surfboards, boston crabs, dragon sleepers, over the shoulder backbreakers and even a PTO.


Ms F.Rank begs for mercy at the end as typically dominant Chloe Davis stands on her back arms raised and flexing before sitting on her defeated victim’s back with her full weight whilst continuing to flex.


Chloe Davis wears a black lycra swimsuit with gold lettering, and gold shiny spandex leggings

Ms F.Rank wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny pantyhose


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