SGR0227 Dirty Tactics - Dee Williams vs Scorpion

Scorpion is used to be the dirtiest player in the game and our Dirty Tactics format certainly plays to her strengths but in American Milf Dee Williams she most certainly met her match.


They meet in a ring during Scorpion’s tour of the US, and the busty blonde Dee is more than happy to play by the dirty tactics rule.


Traditional wrestling moves go completely out of the window from the start as these two are determined to win by any dirty moves necessary.


The attacks focus primarily on their opponent’s hair, delicate pussy’s and both ladies more than ample breasts.  Their maul each other’s crotches, pinch nipples and smother each other with their breasts.


Their costumes provide no protection as they reach in and around the material to reach their opponent’s most sensitive areas.


Dee Williams takes every opportunity to shove Scorpion’s face into her breasts sapping her strength and smothering her with abandon.


Even when proper wrestling moves are used such as banana splits, leg spreads and camel clutches their hands still manage to target breasts and pussies.


After a true see saw battle one dirty fighter can take one more as she is breast smothered into final submission and forced to endure the humiliation of her opponent’s foot on her face.


Dee Williams wears white lycra swimsuit with silver shiny tights/pantyhose

Scorpion wears a leopard print lycra swimsuit with shiny tights/pantyhose


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