SGR0226 Jet destroys Blaze

Jet Star (5’10 68kg) returns to SGR Wrestling to take on the veteran dancer Blaze (5’5” 63kg).  Jet is true amazon, tall with an amazing physique but doesn’t have as much experience as the lithe catlike, Blaze.


As they compare muscles in the pre-match interview it becomes pretty obvious that this is a battle of Manchester vs London, Northern Pride vs South East Swagger.


The two raven haired wrestlers lock fingers in a prolonged test of strength and it becomes fairly obvious early on that Jet clearly has the advantage in the power department as she drives a stubborn Blaze first to her knees and then to the mats.


Blaze quickly realises that she could be in real trouble here, as she frantically wraps her long dancer legs around Jet and tries to submit her larger foe with a body scissors, squeezing with all her strength, but it has little effect.


Jet decides to see how flexible Blaze is by using her vastly superior strength and height advantage to spread Blaze’s legs wide, causing the dancer to cry out in pain as she is split wider than she ever has before, both against the walls and from behind.


The Manchester wrestler is not impressed and proceeds to completely decimate her Southern opponent before finishing her off with a powerful camel clutch whilst flexing and verbally berating the hapless Blaze.


Jet Star wears a shiny spandex electric blue swimsuit with blue kneepads

Blaze wears a white and red shiny spandex swimsuit with red kneepads


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