SGR0225 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Scorpion breaks Luna Toxxxic again

In her SGR debut wayback in SGR0171 Scorpion absolutely annihilated Luna Toxxxic torturing the petite blonde with torture racks before making her tap to a painful ceiling hold.


Now Ms Toxxic is challenging Scorpion again, confident that she will have the necessary experience to turn the tables on the larger redhead.


While they are busy comparing muscles, Scorpion seizes the advantage catching Luna by behind and lifting her off her feet in a reverse bearhug, then drops her to the mat splashing the smaller woman.


Luna is feisty and keeps springing up on the attack but Scorpion swats away as if she was a fly lifting, slamming and squashing her with impunity.


Perhaps feeling sorry for her, Scorpion takes a break from throwing Luna around and places her in a humiliating banana split spladdle exposing her womanhood barely concealed by her spandex thong.


The fight begins to ebb from Luna once Scorpion gets her over her shoulders in a painful torture rack backbreaker.


More lifting, splashing and slamming and Luna Toxxxic is done, and is folded up in a matchbook pin whilst a victorious Scorpion flexes above her.


Luna Toxxxic wears a shiny pink spandex micro thong tanga bikini

Scorpion wears  shiny black spandex high necked leotard with shiny pantyhose


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