SGR0224 Sativa's Shiny Pro Debut - She breaks him

We are so excited as Sativa finally makes her SGR Wrestling debut, she is a powerful dominant wrestler who has travelled the world destroying male and female opponents alike.


Poor old Russ is really thrown to the wolves here as he has been selected to face off against Sativa in her debut match.


From the start the intimidation and fear can be seen clearly in his eyes, as Sativa wastes little time in trapping him in a headlock and throwing him to the mats and spreading his legs wide in wicked grapevine.


Sativa realises that Russ poses no threat so decides to punish the hapless Russ standing on his balls, and his sensitive manhood is the target for a lot of abuse for the remainder of the encounter.


All the damage is not restricted to his balls as he is subjected to deep seated camel clutches, matchbook pins and boston crabs.


The end mercifully comes when she traps him in a camel clutch twisting his nose and punching him in his unprotected balls.


He is laid out face down on the mats whilst she places her foot on his corpse pleased with an easy victory against an inferior male opponent.


Sativa wears an electric blue shiny spandex high cut leotard and shiny pantyhose

Russ wears black shiny spandex shorts


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