SGR0222 Scissorhold Demolition - Ivy Satinee breaks him

Italian powerhouse, Ivy Satinee makes her SGR Wrestling debut against a tattooed male.  Her opponent certainly looks the part with his toned physique but he is no match for the debutante who easily overpowers him and drives him to the mat and sits on his chest in a schoolgirl pin.


Try as he might he cannot shift Ivy, and once she gets bored of effortlessly sitting on him she demonstrates how powerful her legs are nearly popping his head like a spot as she coils her impressively muscled legs around his head.


You cannot help to be impressed by Ivy Satinee as she runs roughshod over her opponent destroying him with ease as she crushes him time and time again with scissorholds which could quite easily break bones.


Eventually she grows bored so adds to his humiliation by using her feet to demonstrate her feminine superiority rubbing them in his face at every opportunity.


This match ends predictably with the male challenger flats on his back with Ivy’s foot on his face as he lays spreadeagled.


Ivy Satinee wears a shiny spandex gold swimsuit and white pro kneepads

The male challenger wears black lycra leggings with gold skeleton motif


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