SGR0221 Lifted Squashed Slammed - Tomiko vs Dee Williams

A battle between two experienced veteran grapplers with contrasting physiques as tanned hard body,raven-haired Tomiko takes on alabaster busty blonde Dee Williams in the ring.


After an initial body contrasting pose off, Tomiko effortlessly hoists Dee above her shoulders, slamming her to the mat and repeatedly splashing her, before making her submit to a headscissors.


Dee then returns the favour lifting Tomiko above her shoulders and slamming her down to the mats before making her tap to a headscissors and as a punishment kiss the perfectly proportioned derriere of Dee.


And now the game is afoot as these two lift, slam and squash each other around the rings, as they force each other to tap and pay the price by forced forfeit humiliation.


There tiny spandex tanga thong bikinis struggle to contain their impressive physiques, and there are many wardrobe malfunctions but eventually one woman succumbs to her opponent and is forced to worship the muscled legs of her riva.


Tomiko wears a shiny spandex gold tanga thong bikini

Dee Williams wears a shiny spandex purple tanga thong bikini


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