SGR0220 Japanese Pro-Style Catfight - Scorpion vs Ms F Rank

Scorpion has been studying Mistress Amrita as she has been destroying the SGR roster in Japanese Pro-Style Catfight matches, and now she is keen to give it a go.  Her opponent is the petite Ms F.Rank who was decimated and forced to give up her swimsuit when she faced Amrita. (see SGR0205)


The blonde is confident that she has the edge in this encounter as she has experience in this style of match and due to her flexibility.  But after the initial lock-up it’s Scorpion who bodyslams her to the mat and easily overpowers her smaller blonde challenger.

The taller redhead is eager to test out this style of match and immediately starts to test Ms F.Rank’s flexibility and spreading her legs wide and pulling at her swimsuit.  The humiliating holds continue and Scorpion even traps Ms F.Rank in the dreaded Banana split exposing her womanhood for everyone to see completely immobilising the spunky blonde.


The punishment continues until Ms F.Rank can take no more as her body has reached it’s breaking point and she has to submit the powerful redhead.


Reluctantly she has to give up her costume and hand it as a prize to Scorpion.  Notice has been given to the SGR Roster, it’s not just Amrita that they need to fear in the Japanese Pro-Style Catfight realm, Scorpion is ready to test them as well now.


Scorpion wears a shiny purple spandex thong swimsuit

Ms F.Rank wears a shiny sky blue spandex thong swimsuit


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