SGR0219 Jet Star makes her Dangerous Debut and DESTROYS her opponent

The impressive and powerful Jet Star makes her SGR debut as she dwarfs her male opponent who has stepped onto the SGR mats to challenge her.  She flexes her muscles showing him her impressive biceps as they pose off before comparing legs.


She headlocks him and drags him around the mats and throwing him to the mats.  She steps on his neck. She sits on his chest slapping his face and early on exerts her dominance.


Unfortunately for her male victim his punishment has only just begun as she grapevines him spreading his little legs wide and then unleashes further excruciating punishment with those incredibly power long legs.


Jet nearly pops his head off with powerful headscissors and crushes his ribs with intense bodyscissors.  There is little this puny opponent can do in the face of her unrelenting onslaught.


Finally a very long and prolonged reverse headscissors spells doom for him as Jet Star flexes her impressive physique above his prone form.


Jet Star wears a shiny electric blue spandex swimsuit with shiny pantyhose and blue pro kneepads


Her opponent wears shiny blue latex shorts


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