SGR0218 Leg Destruction - Scorpion annihilates Tomiko

In this custom clip Scorpion and Tomiko are squaring off in tiny micro shiny spandex bikinis, the two hardbodies compare biceps and legs before they lock up in a test of strength.  


The British redhead easily overpowers her raven haired opponent and forces her to the mats.  Once there Scorpion uses her superior strength and skill to punish Tomiko targeting her powerful tanned legs.


Scorpion uses her full array of leg punishing holds on the American beauty including single leg boston, figure four leg locks, leg bars and many more.


All Tomiko can do is scream in pain at the punishment being unleashed on her legs by the larger British wrestler.


In the end she is splayed out on the mat whilst Scorpion flexes above her and adds further humiliation by planting a foot on her face.


Tomiko wears a shiny aqua blue micro spandex bikini

Scorpion wears a shiny red micro spandex bikini


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