SGR0217 Amazon vs Amazon - Brutal Beatdown - Chloe Davis vs Gia The Giant

It’s a custom clash of the mega-amazons as Chloe Davis from the UK and the aptly named Gia the Giant square off in the brutal beatdown battle.


It is very rare that these two giants of the female wrestling world find someone who match each other in size and strength but this is exactly what happens.


In the beginning it’s the Canadian Crusher, Gia who has the advantage punishing the giant Brit battler, Chloe with stomps, kicks, knees and punches.


But anyone who has witnessed Chloe Davis before will know that she is not only strong in body, but strong in mind.  She mounts a hellacious comeback and systematically destroys Gia the Giant.


She chops the big Canadian down like a Redwood, but focusing on body parts, and unleashing ultimate destruction firstly on each arm, crippling Gia and making her unable to defend herself before focusing on the legs.


All the voluptuous tall Canadian can do is writhe and scream in agony at her woman handling by The Glamazon.


No-one dares to challenge Chloe Davis and escapes unscathed a lesson which Gia the Giant has now learnt as she is flat on her back with her legs spread past breaking point.


Chloe Davis wears a black lycra long sleeved leotard with black pantyhose (gusset visible)

Gia the Giant wears a black lycra long sleeved leotard with black pantyhose (gusset visible)


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