SGR0216 Neck Snap Annihilation - Laken Fire, Scorpion, Mistress Tahlia

If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat type Ryona finishers focusing on necksnaps then this specially produced custom clip featuring Laken Fire, Scorpion and Mistress Tahlia is going to set your world on fire.


This compilation clips features a plethora of neck snaps on each woman individually and in pairs, including suspended surf board, double backbreaker and double neck snaps.


Time and time again these three beautiful women are subjected to neck snap Ryona causing their heads to wobble as they receive this finishing move.


Their figure hugging catsuits and masks add to each scenario as they receive this deadly move.


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Laken wears a metallic glitter patterned lycra catsuit with black mask

Mistress Tahlia wears a red shiny spandex catsuit with red shiny mask

Scorpion wears a lilac lycra catsuit with red and lilac mask


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