SGR0213 Dirty Tactics - Lana Luxor destroys Scorpion

Scorpion is the mistress of the Dirty Tactics rules match-up, being the dirtiest player in the game she normally catches her opponent off guard at the start and subjects them to all her illegal moves.


Unfortunately for the British redhead, American Lana Luxor has her well scouted, as poor Scorpion quickly finds out to her regret.


Lana punches Scorpion in her belly and throws her to the mat, takes top position and in a move straight out of Scorpion’s playbook rakes her eyes.


The American takes a handful of Scorpion’s red locks and whips her into the wall of the apartment.


The wind knocked out of her sails there is little Scorpion can do to stop Lana Luxor punishing her further including biting her pantyhose clad foot, pulling her hair and choking the Brit out with her foot.


Scorpion finally gets to see and feel what it feels like to be on the receiving end of dirty tactics, as her breasts, crotch, eyes, hair and feet are raked, clawed and yanked.


Pro moves are used to punish Scorpion as well including surfboards and a camel clutch with a good handful of red hair for good measure, before a prolonged suspended romero hold has her screaming out her final position.


Not content, Lana humiliates Scorpion further by making her worship her pantyhose clad foot for good measure, her punishment for challenging the dominant American.


Scorpion wears a red shiny spandex micro tanga bikini and tan pantyhose

Lana Luxor wears an emerald shiny bikini and black pantyhose


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