SGR0212 Amazon vs Amazon - Megan Jones vs Killpussy - Shiny Test of Strength

A true clash of the amazons as Latino Megan Jones takes on New Zealander Killpussy in a titanic test of strength challenge.


Both women are used to using their size and strength to dominate their opponent but how will each fare when the rival can match them power for power.


They engage in a series of strength tests to see who is stronger including fingerlock and standing arm-wrestling, but they are so well matched that each picks up the victory.


They bearhug each other lifting each other off of their feet, a new experience for normally clearly dominant women.


There outfits struggle to contain their womanly forms as they strain trying to over power their rival.


Eventually one woman is lifted in a powerful bearhug, strong arms crushing her ribs and spines, squeezing the breath out of her and dumped to the mat whilst the triumphant winner gloats above her.


But is it the Thunder from Down Under or the Miami Mauler?


Megan Jones wears a shiny spandex gold swimsuit with shiny tights and white pro boots

Killpussy wears a shiny black cross hatch swimsuit with shiny tights and black pro boots


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