SGR0211 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Chloe 'Glamazon' Davis crushes Ms F.Rank

You’ve got to admire the spunky attitude of Ms F.Rank, in her SGR debut her petite blonde frame was stretched to the limit by legendary Amrita (see SGR0205).


Today however she faces an even bigger challenge in the form of 6’3” “Glamazon” Chloe Davis, who likes nothing more than dominating and destroying whoever is opposite her on the mats.


It’s clearly apparent that Chloe is distinctly unimpressed by this plucky newcomer, and after a brief size comparison grabs her by the throat and effortlessly hoists her up into a torture rack.


Ms F.Rank keeps jumping back up for more as she is lifted with eased in full nelson lifts, crotch lifts, but once she is subjected to a powerbomb, followed by an over the knee backbreaker, the fight starts to leave her.


Chloe steps on her and even traps her in a PTO whilst Ms F.Rank screams in pain, but the Glamazon is having too much fun.  When she makes the mistake of telling Chloe “She can take this all day”, so Chloe choke slams her for her trouble.


Ms F.Rank can certainly take a beating but in the end the repeated torturous holds, slams, lifts and splashes are too much as she is out on the mats with a triumphant dominant Chloe Davis flexing above her.


Ms F.Rank wears a shiny spandex pink micro bikini

Chloe Davis wears a black lycra leotard with shiny tights and white pro-boots


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