SGR0210 Dirty Tactics - Goddess Anastaxia vs Scorpion

Anastaxia and Scorpion are preparing for their match.  The contract states that the buxom blonde has to be the jobber during their encounter.  Anastaxia naively asks Scorpion if she pays her cash can she change the contract.


Scorpion deliberates and comes up with a counter proposal, Anastaxia starts as a jobber and they will change after three submissions but if Scorpion gets Anastaxia to submit three times within 20 minutes then the contract is unchanged and Scorpion gets to keep the money.


Anastaxia agrees to the arrangement confident that in her strength and skill and tells Scorpion “Ok but I’m strong and I’m not going to submit to you.”


What Anastaxia is forgetting is that this is a dirty tactics match, and Scorpion is the undisputed champion of being the dirtiest player in the game.


This is proven immediately when Scorpion bites Anastaxia’s face causing the blonde to scream in shock and agony.


This begins an onslaught as the redhead is relentless in her punishment - bites, eye racks, thigh claws, punches are interspersed with more traditional and legal wrestling holds such as revere sharpshooters and boston crabs.


Anastasia is completely overwhelmed and everytime that she thinks the punishment will end, Scorpion pulls out another dirty tactic such as biting her pantyhose covered foot.


In the end a Romero hold with Anastaxia stretched, spread and suspended signals the end of her punishment with a happy Scorpion content with the destruction she has wrought and richer as she gets to keep the extra money.


Scorpion wears a shiny spandex black tanga bikini, with shiny pantyhose

Anastaxia wears a shiny spandex red tanga bikini with shiny pantyhose


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