SGR0209 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Killpussy crushes Scorpion

Scorpion is stretching out on the mats when the Thunder from Down Under, Killpussy enters.  The bigger blonde amazon wastes no time by delivering a heart punch to Scorpion followed by a vicious over the knee backbreaker.


For the bikini clad redhead its all downhill from there as a dominant Killpussy makes Scorpion her jobber bitch.


Scorpion is delivered a wrestling lesson which she will never forget as Killpussy completely dominates ignoring the feeble offense which Scorpion tries to mount.


Killpussy is in fine fettle as she woman handles Scorpion all over the mats with bearhugs, slaps, punches, slams, splashes and even a torture rack.


By the end of this Scorpion is completely decimated and Killpussy takes great pleasure in this as she shows the smaller woman’s drooling with rolling eyes to you at the end of this match up.


Scorpion wears black spandex tanga thong with black arm and leg ties

Killpussy wears a lycra stars and stripes leotard, pantyhose, with pro kneepads and boots


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